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I believe strongly that everyone has the potential to put their best written work forward. My goal at Imperative Editing & Services is to work one-on-one with writers to help them reach their full potential.

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Imperative offers high-quality, one-on-one editing services and professional results, no matter what your next step is. Your writing will be ready for a world of readers, whoever they may be.

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I have more than a decade of editing, copy editing, and proofreading experience. I’ve worked as a professional copy editor with both traditional publishers and publishers that offer self-publishing services. I've also worked for writers independently.

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What does a copy editor do and why should I have my writing edited? These questions and others are answered by editor Holly Tri in the Frequently Asked Questions section. 

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I have worked with Holly on countless books, and I’m consistently impressed by her dedication, professionalism, and uncanny ability to delve deep into the heart of a story, pinpoint places that need clarification, suggest revisions, and rework language so a manuscript reads smoother. Any book would greatly benefit from her keen eye.

—John Sibley Williams, editor of The Inflectionist Review and literary agent

Holly has superb attention to detail and a broad knowledge of grammar, literature, and editing standards. She has assisted in copy editing multiple projects for me, ensuring that the final product was professional and correct. Holly is responsible and meticulous, giving equal attention to every project, big or small!

—Jayme Vincent, Program Coordinator for Rhythmic Program, USA Gymnastics


Copy editing & proofreading short work

Short story, blog, personal edit

Bibliography edit

Article edit—journals, blog posts, magazines

Personal document edit—letters, resumes, etc.

Website content

Copy editing & proofreading long work

Manuscript edit

Submission edit

Self-publishing edit

Thesis edit


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