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Frequently Asked Questions


What does a Copy Editor Do?

Copy editors prepare written material for publishing, ensuring the writing is “accurate, easy to follow, fit for [its] purpose and free of error, omission, inconsistency and repetition” and “[picking] up on embarrassing mistakes.”* They make corrections in grammar, spelling, and syntax; fact-check; and examine the consistency of both the details and the larger picture of a work.

* Society for Editors and Proofreaders Ltd, 2016.


Why do I need Editing?

Copy editing written work is the professional standard, whether it’s a manuscript for a book or website content. Nothing turns readers, publishers, agents, and clients away faster than errors in spelling, grammar, and consistency. If you want to represent your work at its fullest potential, editing is key.


When in the publishing process should my book be edited?

Copy editing is the last step before you send your book to an agent or to be published.


Why do I need a professional edit?

Professional editors have the training, skills, and experience that allow them to do an in-depth, accurate copy edit. They look specifically for mistakes in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc., as anyone might, but professional editors go much further, including fact-checking and looking for issues in consistency and repetition. Professional, experienced editors also have knowledge of publishing industry standards and, if this is your path, will ensure that your work meets these standards.